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 Some useful guidelines before you write - please read 

PEASY will only ever be a success because of the magnificent people who are prepared to give up their time to write articles or produce content for the benefit and development of other people. If you have decided to contribute to the PEASY community you should be commended!. Here are a few thoughts on the ethos of PEASY which may help you with producing your content and having it published.

 How does it all work? 

We will publish new content at the end of each month.

To meet the deadline for publication, you need to have submitted the PEASY article form found on this page by the second Sunday of the month. Any later than that deadline and it will be considered for the following month.

Our panel will read through each article and decided if it meets our criteria and is of the quality we are looking for. We will feedback to you whether it has been accepted or rejected and in most cases will give feedback to help you understand the reasoning.

 What kind of content is PEASY looking for? 

  • Makes a positive contribution to our profession.

  • Is insightful

  • Offers something which can support others in the community

PEASY content is from the real world. It’s produced by the people at the chalk face for people at the chalk face. It’s worth remembering that many of the PEASY community are experienced teachers, coaches, heads of department or directors of sport in schools or sports clubs across the globe. These are often people who know what it is like to teach five lessons in a day, run a club at lunch time and have a fixture after school. They come to PEASY to learn something from their contemporaries about how to freshen up or introduce something new to their teaching, their extra-curricular provision, the physical environment they work in, or whatever aspect of our field of work our contributors can enlighten us about. They know full well the challenges of our profession and are looking for realistic and practical insights.

Our profession is often derided by others, we certainly don't need to be joining in. PEASY is here to support others in a positive way, so keep a positive, helpful tone to your work.

We welcome a variety of ideas for content. Not all of it has to be written either.


Some of the best PEASY articles take an inquiry-based approach, formed from a balance of background reading or research complimented by actions which have been tried out with young people or colleagues and shown to work (or not, which can be equally enlightening). Case studies, if you will.


Consider this diagram as one way to approach a 'from-scratch' piece of work.

 What do I write about? 


We understand that many of our contributors have their own ideas about what they would like to produce content about and they are getting on with producing their own free-style work.

However, we also know that others prefer a bit of direction. For this reason, there are 3 topics chosen per year which members can have an attempt at writing 500 words on. See the latest topics below.

For the wannabe free-styler who would like to write something longer but still needs inspiration, hopefully these (made up) titles can inspire you:


  • How we improved the attendance of girls in after-school clubs by 40%

  • What we changed about the way we structure our lessons which vastly improved physical literacy with Year 1.

  • How we develop the whole child.

  • The 3 steps we took to ensure our players were more respectful, punctual and disciplined.

  • How we completely changed the PE curriculum over the course of 2 years and the benefits it has had for our students.


Other great articles are opinions which have been forged through years of trial and error and experience ready to be passed on to others.


  • What is the best way to start a coaching session/lesson?

  • Does setting work in PE?

  • How does a Head of Department best create a positive culture in their team?

  • The best behaviour management techniques I have learned down the years.


You might like to write about a problem you have in your work and how you are going to tackle it, going on to produce a series of articles updating the PEASY community on your progress.


  • How we dealt with unruly parents spectating at our games

  • How we changed our physical environments to engage pupils more. First stop, notice boards.


 Writing style - this isn't an academic journal 


Of course, we’d never dream of telling you exactly how to write, your style is your own and you are free to put your content across in whichever way you feel will best engage your audience.


Formality is really not necessary.


You are writing for your equals and contemporaries but there’s no need to over-complicate your language, keep it conversational. Please also remember the tone, no one is here to prove they are superior to others. Please check spelling and grammar as well, that could be a reason for your content not getting published.


 Just a few other things to understand 


Please remember that before anything gets published it will be checked over by a panel of reviewers. This ensures it’s in line with the PEASY philosophy and that our experienced panel of professionals will have a chance to fact check any claims etc. Not all content we receive automatically gets published.


If an article appears to be written with the primary aim of selling a product it won’t be published. However, if your good practice involves a product that has somehow enhanced the way you work then of course we would love to hear about it provided you tell us how you have applied the product, and the impact it has had, in an informative way.


You would hope it goes without saying but any inflammatory, disrespectful or discriminatory language will not be tolerated either in articles or comments.


Those of us running PEASY are all busy professionals with employers that pay us to do other things, and PEASY is a voluntary endeavour. We will do our very best to keep to our time scales as possible, however do be aware that the nature of our work means that this can sometimes be affected . Rest assured, we will read everything we get sent and get back to you.


And if none of that has put you off, good luck with creating your own content for PEASY.

Our industry thanks you!