How to land a PE teacher interview (from people who make the decision)

PEASY asked the Heads of PE and Directors of Sport in our community to put together a collection of tips to help anyone who is applying for a PE teacher role to land themselves an interview. We hope it helps - good luck!

"I always look for real evidence and examples that reinforce any statement made by a candidate. I'd much prefer reading about something that has been tried and has had proven impact than something that has not happened yet." 

Mr D Richards
Head of PE

St Hild's CofE School, England

"Say something personal or funny - I used to say that I followed the 'trials and tribulations of the Welsh rugby team'.  This sometimes got noted, and got a comment at the interview stage."

Duncan Hardie

Head of Physical Education

Nord Anglia School Jiaxing, China

"The first thing I check is people’s spelling and grammar on their application form - any typos / errors and they’re sifted out."

Mrs Joanna Brotherton

Head of Physical Education

Wombourne High School

"For that person to tip the balance they would talk about PE being inclusive and ensuring that pupils were engaged and having fun​"

Dani Mugridge

Director of Sport

Lady Eleanor Holles School

"It sounds obvious but sell yourself, be specific in your experiences and most importantly relate this to the school and department ethos your are applying for. What impact could you have? How would you do it? Why did you become a Physical Education teacher? What has shaped your philosophy as a PE teacher?"

Mr Josh Burge

Head of Physical Education
The Queen Elizabeth's High School

"Schools are usually advertising for one of two reasons - they need a replacement for an outgoing teacher or they are expanding. Those scenarios come with different needs, so see if you can get clues from the job spec and through researching the school (if you really want this job then you'll be trying to find out as much as you can about the school anyway). 

If my school is in need of a replacement, I'd probably be looking for someone who can fit into our current provision as much as possible so that we don't feel the loss of the outgoing teacher. If we're expanding, I'd be interested in teachers who can bring something fresh, some new expertise that can bring new opportunities for our students"

Carl Broome

Head of Physical Education

Sherborne Qatar Senior School

"I would always advise any applicant prior to starting an application form to research not only Harrow Bangkok but Harrow schools around the world. Explore Harrows rich and diverse history and the emphasis the school applies on providing a truly first class educational experience. 

Harrow Bangkok along with a large proportion of international schools in Asia may not teach your typical subject content like that of the UK i.e. rounders or netball but may be heavily involved in softball and tee-ball. Candidates with a broad range of teaching experience, multiple sports knowledge and a personal high level of sporting representation or background would particularly stand out."


Tom Bell

Director of Sport

Harrow International School Bangkok

- Volunteer work & work experience across different schools or a range of settings.
- Experience of teaching the theory side of our subject.
- A well written application that is specific to our school.

Miss Emma Frost

Head of KS5 Physical Education
King Alfred's Academy